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Be Fabulous Now & Later!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020


Keeping your body fit is very important. As young women we must keep our bodies strong and healthy.  It is our temple. You can start by exercising and eating healthy.  Thirty minutes a day is worth it! 

Being a teen is hard enough, but exercising can be quite fun, and once you’re determined, you’ll be happy you got it done when you start experiencing all the benefits.

Food is also important.  What do you think you should eat? Chips?  NO, not at all.  You should grab a water or make a healthy smoothie.  These kinds of choices are great for your body.  Even as a snack, yogurt and apples are good substitutes to replace the junk.  It’s okay to have tasty treats, but in moderation.  Enjoy your youth.  We won’t be young forever.  But think about the future because what we do today will determine what we become in the future.  You’re worth it.  

I don’t know about you, but I want to have fun now and still be strong, healthy, and fabulous later!

CHALLENGE:  Check out the Youtube video by Koboko Fitness.  Let’s follow this workout for 7 days and share our progress in the app!  Download the Boniface Magazine app on wix HERE and let’s stay connected!

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