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Education and Career Alternatives


You are not limited to education or any career you decide to choose. To the young teens & young adults ages 16-24, you have many options and great opportunities that await. There are trade schools that can help you further your education & prepare you with hands-on programs that teach you about the field you are interested in. These schools are called Job corps. They have on and off campus facilities throughout the country. They help you get your diploma & a trade. They also pay you a stipend for the work you do while you study your trade. This is for anyone who wants to further their education or career path even if you already have your high school diploma or a degree; it’s hands-on. The time you will spend in Job Corp is less than the regular school timing. They help prepare you for the real world. You will gain experience in your field & they help you find a job when you complete your trading. You can google & research further by choice. I hope this was useful to you guys. The sky's the limit!

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