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SISTERHOOD: It Starts Now!

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

by China Beckett

To me, sisterhood means unity with all women. Sisterhood is more than just being biologically related; it's about a bond, a friendship, loyalty, honesty, respect, and more importantly, love for one another.

Don't compete. Collaborate! We can achieve so much more together.

As women of many different shades of melanin, we need to assure our sisters that we are not enemies and we do not have to be in competition with one another. It's time we rise up as a sisterhood to uplift and help heal our melanin Queens. Let us dig deep within ourselves and reflect on what it means to be a real sister, one that can be relied upon and looked up to.

It Starts Now!

CHALLENGE: Think of one sister that you can encourage or collaborate with today. Post a picture on instagram and share a caption with words of encouragement or how you two (or more) sisters will collaborate . Then tag us @bonifacemagazine!

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