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Trenee D. McGee

Treneé is a powerful voice of her generation, serving as both a speaker to nations and advocate for young people in areas of social economic and racial equality. Her drive for higher education and theatre led her to earning a BFA in Acting from Marymount Manhattan College and a certificate in Photography & Food Studies from The Umbra Institute in Perugia, Italy. While in College, Trenee served as Fine Arts Performance Chair as well as the President of the Black and Latino Student Association; an on campus club whose legacy lives on today.

Treneé's passion for film and the stage began at age 3, when she booked several television shows and commercials all over the world. Upon graduation, Treneé became a teaching artist at Long Wharf Theatre, a theatre she once frequented as a high school student. She served as a teaching artist of the National August Wilson Monologue Competition program, Connecticut’s region. Trenee’ now serves on the Board of Directors at Long Wharf Theatre. This year, she officially established her own production company for new artists and young actors, in pursuit of their passion for the arts.

In 2016, Treneé founded and established Be The F.I.R.S.T. (Fundamentally Inspire by Redefining Your Scholastic Tenacity), a program devoted to promoting Higher Education for First Generation College Students. In November 2019, Treneé won a seat as Councilwoman of the 7th District of West Haven City Council, becoming the youngest person to hold this position. She is excited about her new position and eager to further effectuate positive change in the City of West Haven and beyond.

Treneé serves as Youth Director for F.I.R.E. (Forcefully Igniting Revival Everywhere) Youth, Young Adult and Collegiate Ministries; a ministry that encourages youth to grow in their relationships with God.   


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